Michelle Archer...Speaker...Trainer...Coach 

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker with a fresh approach?  

Michelle Archer is a seasoned speaker with  a refreshing approach and nearly 25 years of expertise in the direct sales industry! 

Michelle draws on her unique blend of field and corporate  experience to deliver workshops that “move the needle “ with a sales force!   Michelle resonates with a group because they can instantly tell that  she has walked the talk.  Her blend of humor and common sense approach  makes her a favorite of audiences across the country. 

Her corporate experience balances the field perspective and the needs of the company for an engaging  presentation that gets results for your organization.

Speaking Services: 
Keynotes & Live Workshops
Training Series
Team Coaching Series
Web Team Training Workshops

Let Michelle work with your event  staff to create the perfect workshop for your group.   Choose from her most popular topics or allow her to create a custom topic! 

What participants say

 She is a professional in every sense of the word. Her energy, enthusiasm,  leadership and attention to detail are outstanding. She is an outstanding  speaker and Trainer. We have utilized her at several companies with  great  results!  Any company that is associate with her truly enhances their  likelihood for success.
 Gary Galindo, Executive, BeautiControl

Michelle Archer is a very engaging and inspiring trainer and speaker. Unlike some speakers out there she is a subject matter expert when it comes to direct selling and is an expert and connecting with others. She breaks her material down into understandable and executable pieces that not only motivate but provide real value to all who attend her workshops. I plan on using her again for our company training. 
Annelise Brown- CEO, Mialisia Jewelry

Michelle has the unique ability to engage someone from the first meeting. It could be a room full as in presentations or one on one interaction. Her enthusiasm shows her passion and you quickly know she believes in what she is saying. 
Tim Parker, Executive -The Pampered Chef

Having grown up in direct sales, I've been exposed to multitudes of speakers. The practical and duplicable nuggets  Michelle shares made such a difference in my business far beyond any other speaker I have ever been exposed to! And I love her “Michelle-isms”. 
Erika Anderson, Scentsy Director

Thank you Michelle for the amazing Training today! I will now consider you the captain of our cheer squad.... for motivating and inspiring us!  And for reminding us what is REALLY important in our DS business!  
Julianne Lagalante, Origami Owl Director


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