Success Circle

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  Do you feel stuck and are not sure why?  Have you hit a plateau in your business? 

Your business success is directly related to your personal growth.  DSi Success Circle is a group coaching and mentorship program that bridges the gap between knowledge and results by providing that growth and professional development. Each Success Circle is limited to a small group of participants. The group explores personal growth and leadership topics over a six week period similar to those in one-on-one coaching. Participants experience exponential growth in business as well as results in their personal lives.

~Weekly Live Group Sessions
~Peer Mentorship
~One-on-one guidance from Michelle Archer
~Private Facebook group for discussion

Enjoy the power of working with a personal coach plus peer mentoring! Discover what coaching can do for you and your business! 

Success circles are forming {NOW} beginning August 16th

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What Participants say!

Deborah Zobel
Lemongrass Spa
I participated in a group program and it helped me reframe the way I think about my Lemongrass Spa business and change my business building strategy. Since then I've also built a successful business selling my own handmade jewelry line, Renewal Jewelry Designs. Michelle rocked it and now I'm rockin' it!

Jerri Sargent
Mary and Martha
Michelle Archer is a wonderful mentor and coach. I really enjoyed her group mentorship program. Through the class, Michelle helps you dig deeper into your personality, strengths, weaknesses and more. You also have the accountability with an accountability partner and the private study hall Facebook group. I recommend Michelle as a coach as well as investing in her online training classes.

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