Success Blueprint

ยท Why This Tool

Why This Tool?

Unlike other assessment programs, the Success Blueprint strips away negative conditioning to reveal the true you at your very core.  The assessment will reveal your natural strengths that may be hidden as well as areas in which you limit your own success.  This tool will help you step away from draining, conditioned behavior and allow you to embrace the natural styles which bring you the greatest success and joy. The knowledge gained will help you better relate to others in your personal relationships, your team and customers.  

What You Will Discover

Where  You Shine
What are your given talents?  What skills do you use effortlessly.  What activities recharge your internal batteries and bring you the greatest joy? This is your dominate style.  Focus here allows you to achieve the greatest amount of success and happiness.  For many, this style was not rewarded in childhood so you may have stepped away from this given nature.  Your Success Blueprint will help you rediscover this natural style by stripping away childhood and societal conditioning.   If you are not currently functioning in this style, your facilitator will share strategies for stepping into your greatness

Your Back Up Gears
Discover your secondary style and how it serves you well.   Explore which style you use under stress and how to recognize when you are dipping into the “danger zone” on healthy behavior.

Where Are You Stuck
What styles and skills are you using because  you think you should?  Are you functioning negatively in those styles (tired, frustrated, angry, depressed)?  Discover how to get out of that negative “headspace” and back into productivity! 

Your Authentic Self
These clues are compiled to create your authentic self profile.  This is compared to your self identification type as well as  your behaviors profile for a deeper understanding of YOU!  Your strategy guide will outline specific steps to achieve greater success using your primary and secondary styles and tips on managing your back up and dormant styles.  All of this helps you feel happier, healthier and achieve greater success! 

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