Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  
Do you feel stuck and seem unable to get beyond where you are? Coaching bridges the gap between knowledge and results.  True success comes from rewriting and refining our individual success programming.  Any of us can only do so much alone.  Top performers from Olympic Athletes to CEO's to salespeople all work with coaches.  If you are serious about excelling to new heights, it may be time for YOU to work with a coach.  Explore your options below and hear what Michelle's Clients have to say!

Coaching with michelle

 Michelle  partners with entrepreneurs in a variety of ways but  believes that it is in personal mentoring and coaching that the  rubber truly “meets the road”.    Michelle works one-on-one with a  small number of clients per month.  This allows her to focus on the individual, their needs and their dreams. 

 In addition to her 18 years as a successful field leader and an  extensive career on the corporate side, Michelle holds numerous  coaching certifications.  It is this combination of experiences and  skills which allows her to help people achieve the heights of  success.  Far beyond life coaching, Michelle offers tried and true  methods for direct sellers and small business women to experience the success that they desire.  This is the “secret sauce” so to speak.  Whether coaching a million dollar producer or an emerging leader, the recipe is the same: faith, focus and follow through!  

Michelle says:

"Helping others remove the invisible lids they have placed on their potential allows them to soar.  They have the ability but they are tethered by fear, programmed insecurities and unhelpful thought processes.  It takes objectivity to identify those things.  None of us are capable of doing it for ourselves.

Michelle's clients say:

Lori Dubin
Origami Owl

Working with Michelle and the Direct Sales Institute has been crucial to my Origami Owl business. She helped me learn to push aside fears and thoughts of inadequacies so that I could build a better business and a better perception of ME. She offered great training on how improve my skills as a leader and help my team grow as well. It is worth your time to make an investment to better yourself and your business.

Melanie Hickey
Nouveau Cosmetics 

I have been in direct sales for many years, but had never worked one on one with a coach. My business jumped 2000% in three months after I started having weekly sessions with Michelle.   Michelle helped me get a better idea of what I wanted my business to be in terms of hours and income.   She helped me stay focused and accountable. It was a challenge that I so appreciate. Your time with Michelle with make such a difference in your business.  You don't want to miss out on all she has to offer to you and your business!

Lynn Avara-Stover
Origami Owl Custom Jewelry 

I will tell you that Michelle's coaching is just the kick in the pants that I need - she is there to not only challenge me, but to support me. She listens to the needs of me and my team - and she points me in the right direction. Coaching with her was an investment in ME - I am worth it - and to be able to continue to grow and be the kind of mentor that my team needs!

Joy Farley
BeautiControl Cosmetics

Jim Rohn says that to have more, we first must become more. So that means we have to make ourselves better and to help us do that, coaching is there! Coaching has helped me in so many ways! It has helped keep me accountable.  It has sharpened the skills that I already have!   Michelle is also a great cheerleader!   Look at all successful people.   They have coaches in all areas of their life i.e. fitness, health, business, financial, etc.   There are coaches for a reason and they are here to help us become a better "us"!   Invest in yourself and you will move!

Please message me to discuss how coaching may benefit you!  I look forward to connecting!

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